Sfu Faculty Association Collective Agreement

Annual reports (reference to collective agreements: section 21.1.1): For permanent members, annual reports for the previous calendar year shall be submitted to the designated supervisory authority by 15 May at the latest. A designated advisor who wishes to use a faculty member`s annual report as part of a summary assessment must meet with staff by June 15. The worker has the right to trade union representation at such an assembly. Term employees are not required to submit an annual report. Social workers are an opportunity to meet members of the board of directors and the board of your union as well as other faculties. The following sites indicate which campus representative hosts, but the social ones are open to all members throughout the campus. Distribution of teachers` tasks (collective agreement reference: section 18.1.3): until 31 May as far as possible. Professional indemnity (reference of the collective agreement: article 37.7): Apply before May 31 for the claim of expenses incurred during the previous year. The OC Faculty Association represents more than 300 faculty members at Okanagan College.

It aims to maintain and promote the professional status of the members of the association, to regulate the relationship between the faculty and OK through collective bargaining, and to act as a union in accordance with the laws of British Columbia. Extended leave (collective agreement reference: section 24): a worker must apply to the Extended Leave Committee for extended study leave until October 1 of the calendar year preceding the year in which the extended leave is to begin. The Extended Study Leave Committee reviews applications by November 1 of each year and recommends candidates for extended study leave to the President of the CB. Approval or rejection of a request for an extension of study leave is obtained until December 1. Probation period (collective agreement reference: Article 15.3): The CB shall inform workers in writing, at least two months before the end of their probation period, if the probation period has been successfully completed. A worker who does not receive notification within the specified period is deemed to have completed the probation period. While details of the agreements have not been made public, Hansen revealed that the agreements were reached as part of the provincial government`s negotiating mandate for the public sector in 2010. However, a key element of the 2010 mandate was the absolute refusal to increase net equalization costs. Therefore, if any of these agreements provide for wage increases, these expenses will be offset by reductions in other areas. Termination (collective agreement reference: section 26.3.1): An employee or full-time employee may resign from any appointment by not preceding in writing to the President of the CB a period of at least two months. The resignation shall take effect on 30 June following the declaration of resignation or at the end of his term of office, unless an earlier date is acceptable to both parties.

Professional development (collective agreement number: article 22): 2-year cycle 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2020. The framework agreement previously in force has been replaced by this document, which contains conditions for the legal relationship between Aniversity and the Association, collective bargaining and dispute settlement procedures, as well as working conditions, including wages and social benefits. Leave (collective agreement number: section 39.1.3): valid until 31 March; OC posts are planning until April 15….

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