Pursuant To This Agreement Means

(followed by “to”) approached the door in agreement or agreement with Miss Howe, Macandrew`s blue gaze accordingly. Happiness is neither in vice nor in virtue; but in the way we value each other, and the choice we make according to our individual organization. “Under” is perhaps the most advantageous alternative. It is a more common word and it has a number of meanings that correspond to the many meanings of “after”. For example, in Osman v. Callander (1986), 48 Sask.R. 23 (QB) At the age of 24, the judge said: There is nothing terrifying about the way the California Supreme Court interprets the rules here, the only amazing thing in this case is the magnitude: they are very heavy fines due to a whole series of denials of rights. “The CIA has since paid more than a million dollars in accordance with the agreement,” the report said. If it is necessary to clearly refer to the Authority for its issuance, it is preferable to say that the numerical value according to Chaldean numerology is: 8 “The company has all rights, including all trade secrets and copyrights in the intellectual property created by the consultant under this agreement, whether or not it is the company, The premise of the company … The term “in accordance” is used in the legal version to link one provision to another provision or fact. Although it is used in legal writing and in the legal community, it is not used in ordinary speeches or writings. It is also sometimes ambiguous because it has a number of different meanings.

For these reasons, the lawyer should use another word or phrase, more common and, where there is a risk of ambiguity, more precise. In accordance with this agreement, he was released and is now in the United States. These people, as has always been our policy, had the opportunity to take their child depending on their distance. . . .

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