Impact Of Trade Agreements On Health

Some of these established risks of increased trade to public health are outlined by Labonte and Sanger. For example, reduced trade duties can lead to job losses in poor countries, increased patent protection can limit access to medicines and other technologies, and many treaties can limit the ability of national governments to regulate public health. But what about the possibilities? The character of an editorial clearly should not be expansionist, but here I propose three public health possibilities arising from trade liberalization. In existing studies, the We has identified restrictions that exclude definitive conclusions on the health effects of regional trade and investment agreements. Few people deal with unnoticed disruptions and many of the possible consequences and mechanisms linking trade and investment agreements to health remain poorly understood. The results of our co-citation analysis leave room for increased interdisciplinary cooperation. Despite these restrictions, our results show that trade agreements pose significant health risks. Health protection measures in trade and investment agreements can mitigate these effects. Drope J, Chavez JJ. Complexities at the interface of tobacco control and trade liberalization: evidence from Southeast Asia.

Control tob. 2014;24:128-36. Stiglitz JE. Trade and Health Agreement in Developing Countries. Lanzette. 2009;373(9661):363–5. We identified several limitations to existing studies. First, most studies that examined the impact of ASAs on food, beverage and tobacco consumption, as well as access to medications, were descriptive bivariate analyses. Variable distortions can be avoided, as trade agreements are often implemented accordingly or in addition to other reforms [51] and macroeconomic changes [52, 53]. Five other studies used an index, four of which used the economic globalization component of the KOF index, which is a composite measure of changes in both restrictions and trade and investment flows [50].

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