Captain Grey Beard!

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This week we’ve seen some very strange things happening in Year 1! Firstly on Monday morning Captain Grey Beard led an assembly for us…we sang sea shanties and talked like a pirate. Then on Tuesday morning we noticed some items missing from our classrooms…treasure, a chest and our pirate ships!

Captain Grey Beard then made another appearance during our singing practise. We had great fun asking him questions and finding out all about his pirate life at sea.

We’ve got our suspicions that Captain Grey Beard has taken a liking to our pirate items in class and is behind the disappearance of our treasure. So in English this week we have made wanted posters to try and catch him.

In maths, we have been comparing numbers and have used our friendly crocodile to help us use the greater and less then sign. Charlie Crocodile loves eating the biggest number and the children were so engaged in this activity. A brilliant one to practise at home too!

In music this week we got chance to try out lots of different percussion instruments, it got very noisy in class but we had great fun. We then thought carefully which instruments sounded like actions in our song. We matched Guiro’s to scrubbing the decks, claves to climbing the riggings and shakes for counting our treasure – we have some great musicians in year 1.

In Geography we looked at the 7 continents of the world. We used the map on the playground to help us with positions and had a challenge set up in class. We even learnt a rap about the continents.

As we’ve had some lovely weather this week we have made the most of it and taken some of our reading time outdoors. It was lovely to sit in the sun and listen to our class book – The Enchanted Wood.

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