‘A Comedy of Errors’ at the RSC Garden Theatre

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Today, Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Stratford to watch a live performance of ‘A Comedy of Errors’ in the outdoor Theatre at the RSC. After enjoying a leisurely dinner by the river, we took our seats and settled in ready to enjoy the fun. The children watched attentively and with maturity. They really got to grips with some complex language and used their knowledge from the workshops this week to help them follow the plot. There was plenty to keep us entertained – singing, dancing, physical comedy, jokes, costumes and the whole set and environment in general. Numerous members of public in the audience came out of their way to tell us that they thought our pupils were so well behaved and they thought it was wonderful to see children of this age clearly understanding and enjoying a Shakespeare play. Well done, Year 6 – you made us extremely proud!

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