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There is a lack of general surveys covering the legal aspects of peacemaking and peace treaties for all eras and regions. These aspects include the status of the parties, the procedural aspects of the Convention, the reflection on the justice and legality of war in peace treaties, the legal settlement of the consequences of war and the restoration of the state of peace and the duration of peace, as well as peacekeeping measures. Some studies cover these questions for European and Western history. The greatest attempt to write a general history of previous peace treaties was the fish in 1979. It covers contractual practice from antiquity to the twentieth century, but is limited to the practice in which at least one European power participated inside and outside Europe for the period before the twentieth century. It offers a diachronic comparison of the main features of the legal concept of peace, as reflected in peace treaties, but does not address concrete orientations concerning the rights and duties of the parties or their subjects. The same goes for the short exhibitions of Steiger 2009 and Lesaffer 2012, both of which deal with Europe in early modern times. Bell 2008 is the most extensive study of the transformation of pacification after the Cold War from a legal point of view. Stahn et al. 2014 examine the normative foundations of the new jus post bellum and its place in international law. Wright 1942 studied the art of peace as part of a great debate about war in its various aspects, including the legal dimension. Osiander 1994 offers the valuable contribution of a theorist of international relations by examining the fundamental values of the great European peace arrangements, from Westphalia to Versailles. The highly cited work of another international relations student, Ikenberry 2001, is a reformulation of traditional liberal views on peace, democracy and international institutions.

In today`s global news media, references to peace agreements are commonplace. However, it is useful for teachers to have a greater understanding of these agreements, their importance, the procedures that precede their development, and the peculiarities of these primary legal documents. . . .

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