Checkpoint End User License Agreement

A separate license is required if you want to use administrative IUs on a platform other than a Windows platform. [4] This is because Check Point must pay a fee to the company that provides Check Point with the toolkit with which the GUI was developed for these platforms. These licenses were free for FireWall-1 4.0, but require additional payment for FireWall-1 4.1 and above. The license is linked to the IP address or hostid of your management console and is installed on your management console. 2.5 Special Restrictions. The product is licensed on the basis of the licensed configuration as defined in Section 1. The license only allows the use of the product in accordance with the product specifications that you indicated in your order or in your license key request and on which the license right was based. The creation, creation, implementation or design of hardware, software or a system that modifies the number of readable IP addresses, users, kernels or maximum throughput capacity made available to the product is contrary to this License Agreement, with the intention or resulting effect of circumventing the licensed configuration. In some cases, it took many months to get the right permanent licenses, especially when upgrading from one version of FireWall-1 to another, so don`t be surprised if this happens to you. Unfortunately, there is no magic in this process. If you make sure you have copies of your certificate keys and software subscription credentials, this is extremely useful, but does not guarantee success in quickly obtaining a perpetual license. Be prepared to work with your check point reseller and Check Point itself to resolve licensing issues. If you find that you need to run a production wall for an evaluation license, be sure to request new trial licenses at least a week before the actual needs.

It may take at least as long to find another license that you can use. The same goes for a perpetual license upgrade: request the upgrade at least a week (or more) before you need it. SofaWare is a 100% subsidiary of Check Point, which manufactures security equipment that is more oriented towards the consumer market and is therefore expensive. These are called Safe@ appliances. Hardware devices resemble a Linksys or D-Link Home router, in form factor and functions, although the number of supported users is limited per license? five users at the bottom, unlimited users on high-end hardware. These devices support most cable/DSL vendors and use DHCP with a dynamic address and PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) support. You are not running Check Point FireWall-1, but what Check Point VPN-1 Embedded NG calls under a Linux operating system….

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