Arti Kata Wedding Agreement

Having a wedding and a dream family is natural for a woman. In reality, not all dreams come true. But what needs to be understood is that a marriage is a sacred thing. It is not about the connection between people. Except the promise to God in a Kabul Ijab. A holy promise that may have shaken Arsy and that Haram Halal made because of the promise. And part of the adoration, the longest adoration of a man`s life. It is therefore necessary to straighten the intention before firming the heart to get married. Aldi often attends dance seminars to learn about dance entrepreneurship and advises dance to be patient.

Americans always tease Aldi when they meet. Once, Bian, who picked up Tari from the seminary, met Aldi and asked Tari not to be near Aldi. Aldi also had time to come to Bian because he gave Mama Bian`s gift, a jealous bian issued words that insulted Tari. The most charming moments, but also the bapers at the same time. This scene became the one I was waiting for. How to Dance conquers the heart of Bian with his culinary talents. Bian slowly forcing to accompany shopping until the moment of shopping finally becomes the first step of its proximity. In other parts, time may be enough with a partner at home.

Like watching together at home, accompanied by snacks, as if they were at the movies. Well, it turns out that simple moments are strong enough to get closer to a partner. It`s not necessarily expensive as long as it`s made with all your heart. Like Byan and Tari, they eventually fall in love with the other. Have a good time! In the evening, Tari will watch with Ami, but Bian forbids and asks Tari to accompany him to watch romantic movies at home (with pieces of Romeo + Rinjani). When there is a kissing scene in the movie that is seen, Tari closes his eyes and immediately goes into the room, but is restrained by Bian, and Bian is back to Bian`s room, where they finally make love. After that, they kept watching. If a separate scene is shown in the film, Tari says that if they ever separate, Tari will pray that Allah will reunite them.

Bian receives a call from Sarah saying he has another accident and is being treated. At first, Bian doesn`t want to go get him, but Tari allows it. Wattpad itself is a site that allows its users to submit works in the form of articles, stories, novels, poems, etc. Well, this marriage agreement contains one that is in Wattpad. Mia Chuz`s work was one of the most read on Wattpad before being brought to the big screen. The marriage contract between Tari and Byan certainly makes the relationship between the two different from other married couples. The dance itself is still trying to fulfill its main mission as a wife, but another with Byan. The conflict in the story comes from Byan`s mother with her friend Sarah. But in fact, matchmaking was planned before Byan and Btari were born. For a bond of friendship and gratitude. But it was this matchmaking that received the blessing of his parents, especially his mother.

Although it looks difficult at first, Byan and Btari end up living a happy family life. Well, the blessing of the parents will bring blessings, huh! Archie, as a director, can reliably combine this film with color palette techniques in terms of clothing color. It`s an interesting artistic side and is often forgotten by filmmakers. Archie is there and she is well packed. It is said that Bian has not been able to go further from Sarah, although Bian is currently married to Tari. .

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