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Today saw the awards assembly for this term’s value of Respect. This is our school’s core value. The awards were held in a COVID-secure manner via Zoom, where all the children watched from their classrooms as Mr Thomas introduced the winners.

The teachers had provided comments on why the children were such deserving winners of the Respect Value Awards and some of these lovely comments can be read below.

A great deal of respect has been demonstrated by all our children throughout this tricky past year of school. We are so very proud of them all for all their hard work and efforts in respecting each other, following the various COVID rules of the school and coping with lockdowns and remote learning – all while still achieving a great deal!

Respect truely is a value we see in action everyday at Woodland View.

Teacher’s comments about this term’s winners

“She is such a lovely girl with a beautiful soul. She is always so kind, caring and respectful to all of those around her. She always listens to her friends and tries really hard to make sure they are all happy, always being respectful of their feelings and never wanting to upset anyone.”

“He listens well to other people and is always considerate of other people’s opinions.”

“She goes above and beyond to be helpful to both her peers and the adults in her class.”

“She is so kind and caring, looking after everyone – including the adults. She is a true role model and I can’t think of a more deserving person to receive the Respect award.”

“He loves to share his news but never interrupts and always shows respect in everything he says and everything he does!”

“She is very respectful towards her classroom and school environment. She looks after the things she uses and puts them away once she’s finished.”

“He will make a great football captain one day as he will rally round to help his team mates if they become upset and a great team player, which every leader exhibits, with still a healthy competitive side!”

“Particularly during group work, she always shows her polite, considerate and kind nature when working with her peers. She oozes respect on a daily basis!”

“You always put in the extra effort to help others before yourself and constantly show your polite and well mannered self to everyone you meet!”

“An incredible young man with so many amazing qualities, I don’t know where to begin! You are polite and considerate towards all of your clssmates and nothing is ever too much trouble for you.”

” It is clear to see that you have incredible talent on the pitch but you couple that with sportsmanship and respect for your teammates and opponents. When in class, you are always listening and work brilliantly with those around you.”

“He thinks about others and makes sure that he is being respectful to his peers. Even when charging around the football pitch, he is a true sportsman and makes sure that games are fair!”

“She gives absolutely everything her all – with the biggest beaming smile…no matter how many times we do it (even when most of us would be starting to moan)!”

“He is a true gentleman and he will often put the needs of others before himself – from simple things like letting people line up in front of him to allowing someone else to have something that he secretly probably wanted himself! He interacts so politely with his peers and the adults. Above all, he shows respect for himself and for his education by the way he embraces and values the support, help and guidance we give him.”

Photos of the Respect Value Award winners

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