Outdoor Learning

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This week we have loved getting outside! We’ve continued our ‘Let’s Go Wild’ topic with visits to the pond area and Woodland workshop to classify and name animals. We used the language learnt last week to identify vertebrates and invertebrates. We described the habitats around the school and thought carefully about what potential dangers from humans their could be. We talked about what damage litter could do, what would happen if they cut trees down, drained the pond for water or built houses in this area. We also talked about how we should look after our environment to protect animals and their habitats.

We also enjoyed some time outside to create! The children chose activities to do outside. Bug hunting was very popular, as was relaxing by colouring and drawing in the natural environment. We all had chance to create some special artwork using nature print paper. The children each choose a natural item and place on some special paper that when left in the sun creates an image by darkening the exposed areas. The children loved this activity and thought the paper was magic! They certainly created some lovely pieces.

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