Quidditch tournament!

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Today was the day of our tournament. The children definitely showed their competitive sides and demonstrated some fantastic skills! This has been a fabulous addition to our curriculum this term!

Hagrid came down to open the ceremony with a poem!

Then the matches began! There were lots of matches to be played with every team playing against every other team!

After a whole morning of games, the points were finalised leaving us with three teams that came out top!

The winning teams

We also totalled up the house scores to find the overall winner of the house cup…Slytherin!

Slytherin – the winning house!

We also felt that there were some other teams that deserved recognition for team spirit, teamwork and flexibility. The house that showed the best team spirit was Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff was the house that demonstrated fabulous teamwork. Slytherin 1 we’re the individual team that were the most flexible, allowing all players the opportunity to play in different positions.

Finally, there were some individual players that stood out in the matches today so we selected a player from each team, as well as two overall players of the tournament, that showed skill, sportsmanship and respect throughout.

Team players of the tournament
Overall winners of the players of the tournament!

Above all, well done to every single person for their game play today! We hope that they have all enjoyed learning to play quidditch as much as we have!

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