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Grammar Owls

Year 2 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Grammar Owls

We have been practicing our understanding of grammar terms and different types of punctuation in a fun and practical way. Each feather on our...   Read More

Woodland Workshop

Year 3 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Woodland Workshop

Today our Year 3 children were in for a little surprise! As our topic this term has been the Amazon Rainforest, we decided to...   Read More

Bugs galore!

Year 3 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Bugs galore!

Today the children had an amazing opportunity to meet some rainforest animals, insects and reptiles that links with our topic this term. Dave introduced...   Read More

Quidditch tournament!

Year 6 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Quidditch tournament!

Today was the day of our tournament. The children definitely showed their competitive sides and demonstrated some fantastic skills! This has been a fabulous...   Read More

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