Nature Detectives

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This week we have been classifying and naming different types of animals. It was lovely to see all the children so enthusiastic and engaged during our outdoor session down at the pond. We went bug hunting and used classification keys to help us identify and name some of the insects.

We had a fantastic virtual church visit on Thursday. Rev’ed Liz showed us around St Anne’s virtually. We got to ask lots of questions and even learned about the special items that Rev’ed Liz wears. It was a very fun and interactive Zoom call.

We also had another fun Zoom call on Friday. This time it was to partake in a Grammar Show! We learnt about full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and how to use commas. There were lots of giggles learning some of the songs and dances. We did very well in the quizzes and the children showed how brilliant they were by getting full marks!

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