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Quidditch…getting tactical!

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This morning we honed our quidditch skills further. We are so impressed with how the children are using all of the pitch and getting...   Read More


This week in maths we have been looking at time. We have ordered events using language such as before, after, morning, afternoon and evening....   Read More

Day 5 – A normal day

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Today was the first full day that we had all of our chicks hatched and running around in their pen. They have been finding...   Read More

Ducklings day 5!

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It’s hard to believe that it is Friday! The ducklings have become well loved members of our class – they even joined in the...   Read More

The punctuation show

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This afternoon, KS2 were treated to a virtual show aimed at supporting their understanding of how to use punctuation marks accurately.

Our first swim!

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Today the ducklings had their first ‘swim’! They weren’t too sure at first but soon realised it was actually great fun and they could...   Read More

Pretty things!

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This week we have been looking at pretty things, we have discussed what we think is pretty and made a list. We have thought...   Read More

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