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School nurse visit

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This morning we had a visit from the school nurse to talk about the changes that our bodies will go through in the coming...   Read More

3D modelling

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In IT, we have been looking at how to create products using 3D modelling software. We have considered how to build up designs using...   Read More

Let’s go fly a kite!

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On Tuesday afternoon, we enjoyed another lovely outdoor session with Mrs Wood down at our Woodland Workshop. This week’s challenge involved plastic bags, sticks...   Read More

Team Building!

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Today in PE we have been doing lot’s of team building tasks- team races and working together to problem solve. We had lots of...   Read More

Going Green!

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Year 5 investigated tones in our art lesson this afternoon. As our topic is all about energy and we will be learning about how...   Read More

Natural wind-chimes

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The children had a great experience, with Mrs Wood in the Woodland Workshop, to create a wind chime made from a stick, wool and...   Read More

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