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Padlet Power!

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On Thursday, we worked in pairs to gather facts and information about Sir David Attenborough. We used our summarising and retrieval skills to record...   Read More


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Year 5 have started an exciting business and enterprise project today! We worked in groups to research, discuss and plan our very own brand...   Read More


Today in Year 5, we looked at how to plot coordinates on a grid. We discussed the definition of a quadrant and the rules...   Read More

Headteacher Newsletter No. 377

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Sun Safety

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This week in Science the children have continued their new topic ‘light up the world’ by thinking about being safe in the Sun. We...   Read More

Old things!

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This week we have been learning about old things, we have talked about old things that we have at home. We have looked at...   Read More

Super Division

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The children have been practising their division maths skills this week and they were fantastic at completing a range of word problem activities. They...   Read More

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