Irchester Country Park

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Today was the day of our trip! It was such a fantastic experience for all the children and staff; it was so nice to be out of school! The excitement began when the coach turned up as the children were so excited to be going off site! We couldn’t have asked for better weather either.

While at Irchester, the children were kept very busy with two sessions: survival skills and orienteering. Orienteering proved to be tricky at first, but the children soon got the hang of it once they got used to turning the map and using the key landmarks to help them. After finding all of their checkpoints, they had an anagram to solve. Some of the checkpoints were very well hidden!

Our other session was survival skills. In this session, the children had the opportunity to try three different skills: den building, fire lighting and archery. The children were tasked with building a shelter that would be big enough for one person to sleep in. Fire lighting proved to be a very popular activity with lots of the children saying it was a favourite! The children were extremely proud when they managed to create a spark and light their piece of cotton wool! Finally, we used some bows, arrows and javelins, crafted from wood, to try and hit the target – this turned out to be much harder than we first thought!

A fabulous day was had by all! We hope they sleep well tonight!

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