Space homes

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This week the children have been learning about homes in space, specifically the International Space Station. We have learnt about what the astronauts do in the ISS including watching films that showed us around and explained how they make food, brush their teeth, wash their hair etc. We also discussed what we thought it would be like to be up in space without any gravity.

The children have also been writing a list of what they would take to space, designing their own home in space, playing 3D shape bingo and subtracting by counting back.

We have also had our Values awards assembly this week where the whole school celebrate those children who have show excellent achievements towards our Value of the term, ‘Creativity’. Also celebrated were those children who completed the orienteering challenge the quickest.

Alongside this the children have also been making space models using the clay, exploring photos of the plants and writing labels and notes using post it notes, building space structures using the K-Nex, telling stories using the small world space shuttle and much more.

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