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This morning (27-5-21), the school held its termly Value Awards. Read all about it and see the winners here.

This morning (27-5-21), the school held its termly Value Awards. The winning children were all in good spirits as they readied themselves for their journey down the famous Woodland View red carpet. Classes and staff joined and cheered on the Zoom awards from around the school, which was hosted this time by Mr Horsley. Photos and quotes about some of this term’s CREATIVITY value award winners can be found below.

Selected quotes from the teachers about the CREATIVITY award winners:

“She is such a creative girl making things for her friends and family. She is always in the craft area, drawing, sticking, cutting and colouring to make wonderful creations. She puts lots of thought into what she is making and does it to such a high standard.”

“His creativity spans across the curriculum, as he works hard with his handwriting and creating interesting sentences in our English lessons too.”

“He will now very often choose to write in our independent time or even golden time…his stories and recounts are brilliant.”

“She really shines in our Art & DT lessons and is able to add wonderful detail to her pictures and make super colour choices. She produces fantastic homework tasks and we are always wowed by the way she presents her work in a creative and original way. She is a very modest girl, and I really don’t think she knows how talented she is!”

“Your creativity and imagination flows off the paper and you make me smile everytime I read your work. I love that you are never afraid to share your ideas and the joy on your face when your ideas come together.”

“You choose to litter your writing with metaphors and personification used in the most effective way. Thank you for sending us to a new world with every piece of work – you can really see the great impact reading has on your creativity.”

“If there is a task that is outside the box, I can trust that you will rise to the challenge and create something interesting and innovative.”

“She is such an artistic and creative girl who always seems to add her natural flair to her work whenever she can!”

“He crafts fabulous multi-clause sentences that he has designed to make the reader sit up and listen. You play with words and phrases in such a clever way that makes absolutely everything that you produce a joy to read!”

“She has a real eye for making things look beautiful – her books are immaculate and even her notes are beautifully presented with headings and colour schemes (you have to see her jotter!)”

The Creativity Values Awards taking place

The Creativity Value Award Winners

Well done to all this term’s winners. Next term, our focus value is our core value of RESPECT.

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