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The Great Outdoors!

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We just about managed to dodge the rain earlier this week when we took part in one of Mrs Wood’s great ‘Woodland Workshop activities’....   Read More

Viking Fact Finders!

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The children had a great time this week; working in teams to find the various Viking facts hidden around the library in order to...   Read More

News reports and Mindfulness

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This week we have learnt different breathing techniques. Some have helped us gain more energy while others have calmed us down. Our class favourites...   Read More


Year 1 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Forces!

This week we have been learning about the forces push and pull. In science we did an experiment to see how far a car...   Read More

Houses around the world

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This week the children have been finding out about houses in different countries. We have discussed similarities and differences between them and our own...   Read More

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