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The science behind icebergs

Year 6 Blog ArchivedComments Off on The science behind icebergs

Today we considered the factors that could affect the rate that an icebergs melts. We planned an investigation to explore how the size of...   Read More

More Titanic watercolour paintings…

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Outdoors Extravaganza

Year 4 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Outdoors Extravaganza

We had a fantastic week outside, despite the rain! We enjoyed working together to build dens and imprinting on cloth using plants at our...   Read More

Ancient myths

Year 5 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Ancient myths

In English this morning, we used our work on Egyptian myths to help us create freeze frames relating to the creation story. We used...   Read More

Time Challenges

Year 3 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Time Challenges

This week, we have been learning all about time! To gather a better understanding of time, we decided to set our Year 3 children...   Read More

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