Captain Tom 100 Challenge Day

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100s are EVERYWHERE around the school today as the children were challenged to do 100 of something to honour the amazing achievements of the legendary Captain Tom. (Photos below)

Captain Tom and Woodland View

Mr Thomas began this week with one of our virtual Zoom assemblies, helping to remind and explain to the children who Captain Tom was and what he did to help raise money for the NHS during the first COVID lockdown.

“On 6 April 2020, Captain Tom Moore set out round his garden to thank our NHS heroes. One hundred laps later, he’d raised an incredible £38.9 million for the NHS Covid-19 appeal.” Captain Tom 100 Website

Then today, on Friday, 30th April, it would have been Captain Tom’s 101st birthday. The children at Woodland View wanted to do something special to show how inspired they have been by his actions and achievements so they have taken up the 100 Challenge (completing a challenge based around the number 100). We think that Captain Tom has shown himself to be a great example of many of the values we encourage in our children at Woodland View.

We have not asked the children for money, but if you wish to make a voluntary donation to the charity, please follow the link below:

Please enjoy a selection of photos of the various 100 Challenges that have taken place around the school today.

Foundation Stage

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 6 desiged their own 100 physical challenge outside…

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