House hunting!

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This week the children have been looking at the different types of houses that can be found all around the UK. We have been discussing what materials different houses are made from and what makes a good material for house building. We also talked about who lives with us in our houses.

In literacy the children chose a picture of a house that they would like to live in and have written sentences to say why they like the house. In maths we have been learning about length and height, comparing them, measuring and using the correct mathematical language to describe them.

Challenges this week have included labelling different types of houses, reading and matching pictures of different rooms and objects that are found in houses and using their estimation skills to record how many objects they think are in different containers.

Alongside this, the children have been designing and constructing using the Lego, making and creating at the craft table, role-playing at the Vets and the Emergency Station, exploring the mud kitchen and pond area and much more.

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