A super start to the Summer!

We have only been back at school for 4 days, but the children and teachers have been very busy and using their time to the max! As you walk around the school, you can hear the excited buzz of our busy bees (children), and see lots of fresh, new and interesting learning taking place. We are even starting to enjoy more of our outside areas again, due to the recent bright, sunny days.

Here is just a snapshot of some of the things that have been happening in the different year groups. We hope it will give you a flavour of the exciting start we have had to this new summer term in just the first week.


Foundation Stage is its usual hive of energy and enthusiasm. Mrs Doggett has been busy reading with many of the children and they are taking full advantage of their outside area for creative (this term’s new value), imaginative play.

Year 1

Also keen to get outside have been Year 1, who have been down to the pond area to look at how easily fire spread between nearby buildings during the Great Fire of London. Mrs Wood was on top form with her demonostration of fire and even treated the children to a few toasted marshmallows!

Year 2

Shhh – Year 2 have been shared reading The Queen’s Nose and enjoying much of the interesting description used by the author. In addition, fun was had by all during a group treasure hunt around the playground, field, courtyard and MUGA.

Year 3

Now Press Play is a fantastic piece of equipment, which allows all of the children to listen and interact with a story at the same time. Year 3 have been taking full advantage of this system to enjoy an interactive story linked to their new topic to fire up their imaginations.

Year 4

Things proved challenging for the children in Year 4 this week, as they returned to their rooms to find them in total disarray! Tables and chairs were strewn around the classrooms and mysterious non-human footprints were discovered.

After some super detective work, the Year 4s determined that they may have been attacked by the legendary creature Grendel – from Viking mythology. Mr Horsley has been informed to help watch for further incidents and the Year 4 investigations continue…

Year 5

Year 5 have also been busy, digging for clues about their new topic – Ancient Egypt. They spent the whole of Wednesday immersing themselves in various Egyptian activities (including sessions with Now Press Play and the Immersive Room). A particular highlight of the day was the excavation of many curious Egyptian artifacts burried in sand. We look forward to seeing what archaeological wonders they will encounter in the coming weeks!

Year 6

109 years (this past Thursday) since the sinking of the Titanic, Year 6 have plunged into their new topic this week. They spent some time in the Immersive Room seeing footage of the wreck and hearing accounts from some of the survivors. Furthermore, they have begun to investigate what may have caused the sinking and the methods of communication to boats at sea at the time. Can you translate the morse code below?

– …. . / – .. – .- -. .. -.-. / .– .- … / — . .- -. – / – — / -… . / ..- -. … .. -. -.- .- -… .-.. . -.-.–

Workout Wednesdays and the Field

The track has been back in action and all the children have been back out running laps. There is rumour that Mr Thomas was seen out on the track with one of the year groups too!

The field is starting to see more use again with PE lessons, outdoor learning and greater use at lunchtimes.

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