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The most important question was whether it was too early to relax. Covid-19 was good down, but certainly not out. But the source of confusion has been the guide to different situations that have always raised anomalies. Employers had to deal with social dismanagement at work, but what was a person who was desperate for money if they hadn`t? If they could not get to work by bike or on foot, do they dare public transport? You might meet someone you knew outside your home in a local park, but what if you happened to meet two family members? If there were no authorized visitors, including grandchildren, why would you bring a cleaner? The obstruction of local officials to expert investigators delayed the timely response to a pandemic. Given that so few states do not have positive cases, the study of some local policies and policies helps to explain what is either limited transmission or dangerous uncertainty about the actual number of cases. Recent news of North Korea`s reopening of its schools and the easing of restrictions on border trade with China after more than four months of coronavirus closure indicate that normality is returning to the hermit empire. Other cases have also raised questions about what could be “reasonably justified” related to preventing the spread of coronavirus. Claude Posala, a chief medical officer who spoke out on health issues, lost his job on April 6 for allegedly violating Regulation 26 because his social media posts were “incendiary against the government.” Due to South Korea`s supposed success in responding to such health crises, leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lefven contacted President Moon Jae and obtained more information on the measures implemented in South Korea, while us media also hailed South Korean action as potentially reproducible. In this context, we wanted to underestimate what influences South Koreans` perception of their government`s response to coronaviruses. Bland and Lemahieu discussed the benefits of middle power diplomacy and discussed whether coronavirus had changed the world as we know it or was simply discovering the dangers already lurking in the international system. Eastern Europeans, Russians, Iranians and others, who do not trust what their governments tell them, see government announcements about reactions to the virus with a cautious eye, too well aware of the difference between propaganda and truth.

The objective is not to challenge Woodward`s media coverage. There have undoubtedly been intelligence assessments of the emergence of this new virus. These fateful words, “the greatest threat to national security,” may well have been uttered. But how much does this resonate in a White House known for its splendor and excess? What was the detail of the warning? And how much? Is this a report? These more important questions remain unanswered, and it is too easy to fall into airy assumptions about omniscient spies.

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