Internal Secondment Agreement Template Canada

Orders and detachments are temporary movements of the worker, who remains the holder of his substantive position and maintains the conditions related to the content of the worker. On the other hand, an operation is a lasting step, a transition from a relevant position to another relevant position, which may result in a change in the conditions of the new position. At the end of a task/detachment, the staff member returns to his or her substantive position, while the staff member relinquishes the relevant position to date to take up the position of incumbent in the new position. Clear reasons for detachment. Clear agreement on launch date and deadline. If the material role of the worker for his return cannot be available, it must be understood and agreed before the start of the detachment or at the time of a proposed extension at a later date or at the time of the change in the organization. The employee should fully understand all the effects on the terms and conditions. training needs during and after a period of secondment. Evaluation agreements/PDP-R during the secondment.

Appropriate legal requirements for maintaining professional registration. Provisions to stay in regular contact with the Second and consult with the Second on possible proposed changes during the duration of the secondment. Clear rules for the return of the Second to their physical position or an appropriate alternative. Managers of the host (detached) and host (detached) organizations are responsible for advising the detachment`s human resources through the following organizational procedures. Once the detachment agreement is received, the trusted source is responsible for authenticating paper-on-demand signatures before being forwarded by the services to the payroll centre, including: As tasks, secondments may also be requested for career development purposes, in order to gain broad knowledge and experience and build the capacity of headquarters. This section describes the roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved in the management of a secondment agreement. Staff are responsible for signing the secondment contract. Although Phoenix does not take into account the detachment and is being processed, the wage claim form sent to the payroll centre is used to determine whether the union and workplace are changing. External detachment agreements can be more complex and, therefore, managers should seek the advice of their local life change manager.

See contact list. A secondment is a temporary move of an employee to another department or agency of the central public administration and other organizations for which the Treasury Board of Canada is the employer. The transfer or secondment agreement is the instrument of acceptance. It must make it clear that the worker returns to his or her physical position after the assignment/detachment has ended. This may be supplemented by other documents. No no. While they provide employees with the opportunity to gain experience that helps develop their individual careers and aspirations, the tasks and detachments are not the same as development programs.

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