An Agreement Where A Large Number Of Developed Countries

Developing countries face particular challenges in taking advantage of the multilateral trading system, as they should. This page describes the WTO`s efforts to meet its specific needs by developing trade capabilities to enable it to trade effectively. Indeed, many countries simply do not have the human, institutional and infrastructure capacity to participate effectively in international trade. Without this, these countries will not be able to increase the quantity and quality of goods and services they can provide in global markets at competitive prices. Aid to developing countries has always been on the WTO agenda, but the Aid to Trade initiative has broadened its scope and scope. > definitions of developing and least developed countries in the WTO Improved trade capacity also includes other forms of assistance, including the establishment of more efficient ports and road networks, the provision of automated equipment to customs officers, and the intermediation of entrepreneurs on how to exploit business opportunities in the global market. This type of work is largely the responsibility of other international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank. Some programmes, particularly those on infrastructure, require significant funding not only from international organisations, but also from direct contributions from national governments. To be truly effective, any trade capacity building program requires that all of these elements come together in a coordinated way. This is why many of the WTO`s activities in this area are linked to close cooperation with other international organisations.

There are many ways in which the WTO helps develop trade capacity in developing countries, but training delegates from developing countries on how their countries can win through the trading system is at the heart of the Organization`s efforts. The bulk of spending on WTO technical assistance is intended to help officials better understand the COMPLEX WTO rules and disciplines so that they can implement WTO agreements in a way that strengthens their trading systems and negotiates more effectively with their trading partners.

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