Spring Values Awards Assembly – Winners and Behind the scenes!

A full account – and photos – of the Honesty and Cooperation Value Awards.

(Keep reading to see pictures of this term’s winners)

Each term at Woodland View we focus on and celebrate one of our school’s core values:

  • Courage
  • Kindness
  • Cooperation
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Respect

This term’s awards were focused on the value of HONESTY. However, since we were in lockdown during the first part of the Spring term and unable to celebrate our COOPERATION value during the first Spring half-term, we decided to merge the two awards into a special joint values assembly. This event would celebrate the fantastic achievements of our children in both remote learning conditions and since we have returned to classes together.

For the second time in Woodland View history (the first time being our Christmas Kindness Values Awards) we carried out our awards assembly by Zoom!

Setting up our Values Assembly

In readiness, Mr Cadge laid out our famous red carpet, positioned Mr Thomas’s podium and fired-up the stage lights…
Mr Horsley set up the camera and started to let the classes into the Zoom assembly.

The Values Awards Begin

Winners of the awards arrived to take up their socially-distanced places around the hall, while excitedly clapping along to some upbeat music.
Mr Thomas started the assembly with his characteristic flair!

Around the school

Meanwhile, each of the classes watched the awards on their big screens, heard the values comments of their teachers and cheered in support of their friends in the hall.

The Awards

The children were called up in their year groups to dance down our famous red carpet, collect their certificates and hear the comments of their teachers on how they had reflected the school values of honesty and cooperation.

Mr Thomas was proud and exuberant as he called each group of children.
Each year group was called up to collect their certificates, have their photo taken and hear the comments of their teachers.

Mr Thomas read some words from the class teachers about each child and how they reflected our school values of honesty and cooperation.

Extracts from teachers’ comments about our children and the value of HONESTY this term:

  • A delightful girl, so friendly and always looking out for her friends. She is honest when she needs help or unsure of something. She always follows the rules and helps others to make good choices too.”
  • “A wonderful boy, who loves nothing more than a good challenge. He has shown fabulous honesty in his work and when he needs help to complete a task. I can always count on him to follow the rules and do the right thing. He is a fantastic role model and I’m very proud of him.”
  • “Honesty should be his middle name! He is a super smiley young man who will always own up to his own mistakes. He understands how to be respectful to his peers and teachers. His energy, when excited, is boundless. He is a joy to teach and a loyal and trustworthy young man.”
  • “You work so tirelessly with everything that you do and you are always striving to achieve more. During home learning, you went to incredible lengths to make your poetry the best it could be and you were very honest in your critiques before submitting your work for a competition. You are very honest in all that you do. I can’t wait to see what you are able to achieve as you move towards the end of the year. What a delight you are to teach!”

Extracts from teachers’ comments about our children and the value of COOPERATION this term:

  • “A lovely asset to our class. He works so hard all of the time, giving 100% in all that he does. He works well independently and in a group in a fair way to share his ideas and opinions, whilst also valuing and respecting the views and opinions of others.”
  • “You are such a role model in our class for cooperation! It has been so amazing to watch your kind character all year and it is lovely to see how you cooperate with everyone in the class and the year group. When asked to work in a group with you, your peers know that they are getting a fair and accommodating partner who will work hard to make sure that everyone is involved, included and valued. We are lucky to have you in our class!”
  • “A kind and gentle soul! Endlessly affable and good-hearted, we know that whatever we ask him to do and whoever we ask him to work with the answer will always be ‘Yeah, sure!’. His kind and generous spirit means that he works beautifully with everyone and he is skilled in knowing how to take an active part in group tasks without dominating the proceedings. You are a great friend to all and  a master of cooperation.”
  • “You are an absolute asset to the class, a friend to everyone and you leave behind traces of cooperation wherever you go. Your enthusiasm and selflessness when it comes to working with and helping other people in the class – without having to be asked – is inspiring. You had three adults almost in tears when we heard about how you gave up your own comfort to support a friend when they needed it most! Thank you.”

This term’s award winners

Excited by the whole event, Mr Thomas even led the children in the hall in a bit of impromptu dancing as they headed back to their classes.

Mr Thomas in high spirits!

Next Half-Term

Well done to all the award winners this term. Woodland View is so very proud of you all! Next half-term our value focus will be CREATIVITY.

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