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What a week it has been!

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This week has been full of festive fun and excitement. Have a look at some of our photos below! On Tuesday, we almost made...   Read More

Party On Year 2!!!

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Year 2 have had such a lovely party day!!! We have played games in the Hall, danced, played Christmas bingo, quizzed, thrown snowballs, had...   Read More

Headteacher Newsletter No. 365

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Christmas Mummies

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Today, during our party day, we played ‘Christmas Mummies’ which consisted of children using toilet roll to wrap up a friend in their group!...   Read More

Party Day in 6CC

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A lovely day has been had by all! It has been lovely celebrating with you! Happy Christmas Year 6!

Our message from Santa!

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This week we visited the immersive room for a special message from Santa. He was sad that he couldn’t visit the children at school...   Read More

…more sculpture photos

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Building our structures using art straws and masking tape: Covering our structures with mod roc: Our finished models:

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