Arctic Antics

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This week we have continued our Arctic Topic. The children have loved learning about Inuits. In English we have followed and written instructions for making snow goggles and mittens.

Maths has been all about 2D and 3D shapes. We have named, sorted and describes both 2D and 3D shapes, looking at their properties.

In music, we have learnt a song to the tune of ‘Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside’. The children have preformed this beautifully, added actions and even played some instruments along with our vocals. Below are the words if you would like to have a go!

Oh, I do like to be inside my Igloo,

Oh, I do like my cosy house of snow.

Oh, I do like my blanket made of thick, thick fur,

That my Daddy pinched from a polar bear (roar).

Just let me be inside my Igloo,

I’ll be all snug and toasty warm.

When the fire’s lit at night,

And we’re snuggled up so tight,

Inside our Igloo, all made of snow.

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