Lights… Camera… Tornado?

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In topic this week, Year 5 have been exploring America and the extreme weather that can occur in different regions. After discussing how different each of our extreme weathers are formed, we researched where in America each of these can be found. We discovered that tornados can be found in Kansas (through tornado alley), hurricanes occur in Florida and earthquakes are prominent in California.

At the conclusion of this research, the children were then split into small groups and asked to conduct a weather report about one of the three regions of America mentioned above and the extreme weather that can be found there. The children needed to write a script using TC Studio where they included news on the local area, an interview with a local resident, information on how the extreme weather is formed and what steps could be taken to ensure that people remained safe during the phenomenon.

The children worked brilliantly in their groups and it was great to see the information they had learned through the additional research as well as their presenting skills when using this new technology.

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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