World Book Day

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What a fun day we’ve had!

We have become authors by writing our own class poem linked to our Meadowsong topic, the poems were all about wildflower meadows. We used our senses to help us think about what we might see, feel, smell, taste and hear.

We also became illustrators in a fun game. We each thought of a character and then drew their head, their body and their legs on separate sections paper to come up with a ‘new’ character. We had great fun and lots of laughs reveling our new characters!

The children have read to each other, listened to stories and watch some story telling videos from the World Book Day website!

Lastly, we had a fantastic visit and workshop from an Author, Nicky Gilbody. The children asked lots of questions about what it’s like to be a real life author. We listen to Nicky reading her book and learnt some tips and tricks to making up stories!


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