Happy Half Term

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This week has seen us taking part in a football workshop. The children were all fantastic at practising their skills and enjoyed a game at the end of the session. We have some brilliant footballers in class and I’m super proud of how well they all listened and concentrated throughout.

In English, we have been researching and finding facts out about our bodies. The children worked in pairs to look at different sources of information. This helped them write their own fact file about our brilliant bodies. I hope the children can share some of these facts with you during half term. One of the favourite facts was… if you press your tongue against the roof of your mouth it eases brain freeze!

Science this week was based around using our senses. We played lots of games…the favourite one being the feely bag! Each team had an object to find blindfolded, just using their touch to hunt.

Today we have been artists. Throughout the day we have created lots of different crafts from Valentines Day cards, bird seed hearts and paper plate birds for display. It’s been lovely to see the children’s creativity.

Have a wonderful half term everyone!


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