A mini week!

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This week the children have been leaning all about mini-beasts, they have been looking at their features and the different places that they like to live. We have also been sorting lots of different animals according their their features.

In Literacy this week the children have been writing clues about a mini-beast that they have draw, in a ‘What am I?’ style, thinking about adjectives that they could use to describe the different parts of the mini-beast. In maths this week we have been doubling by using ladybirds, as they always have the same amount of spots on each wing and some say that the amount of spots a ladybird has is how old they are!

Challenges this week have included creating their own mini-beast using a paper chain method, halving bees, sorting mini-beasts and learning how to draw a butterfly using a step by step guide.

Alongside this the children have been telling stories using the small world animals, constructing using the KNex, exploring fruit, vegetables and pictures of mini- beasts, going on mini-beast hunts in the garden and much, much more.


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