Outdoor Classroom Day

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Today was National Outdoor Classroom Day! In 1LW we spent alot of the day outside, all wrapped up and having great fun. We started the day with a phonics session outside. The children played games to help them to recognise and use sounds including ow, oi, oy, ar, ou and air. We adapted the game of duck, duck goose…played fastest feet and pass the sound.

We then had our first maths lesson of the morning. The children were put in teams to find puddles (not a hard task today!) and draw around them. We then talked about how we could measure the length of the puddles. We used standard (rulers and metre sticks) and non-standard (counters, pens, cubes) units. The children estimated and then measured using these materials. They did a fantastic job and lots of their estimations were correct.

After a short session inside we then went out again for another maths lesson. This time looking at 2D shapes. This was a tricky challenge. The children all held onto a rope with both hands and had their eyes closed. Mrs Wood gave instructions for the children to follow that turned the rope into a 2D shape. It was great practise at listening, following instructions and teamwork along with recognising 2D shapes and their properties. I was super impressed!

After lunch we hunted leaves. We then painted the back of the leaves white and printed them onto black paper. It was great to talk about the different shapes of leaves, if they were symmetrical and which trees they had fallen from, along with why the leaves fall and about the changing seasons. The children’s artwork looks great.


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