Daily Archives: 24th October 2019

Pokemon Mad!

Year 2 BlogComments Off on Pokemon Mad!

Our Pokemon card club has been a big hit in Year 2 this term! The children have loved showing off their collections and having...   Read More

Prehistoric Posters!

Year 2 BlogComments Off on Prehistoric Posters!

After researching and finding lots of fascinating facts about a range of different dinosaurs, the children worked in small groups to create their own...   Read More

London’s Burning

Year 1 BlogComments Off on London’s Burning

This half term Year 1 have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. The children have really enjoyed learning about this event...   Read More

Music through the decades

Year 6 BlogComments Off on Music through the decades

We have enjoyed finding out about the artists that the children’s parents loved when they were younger. There have been some fantastic biographies, PowerPoints...   Read More

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