We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

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This week the children have been listening to and acting out the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. They have been thinking about different ways that they could move through the various settings and the different sounds that they might make.

In maths the children have been continuing to develop their number knowledge beyond 10 and have been watching Numberblocks to help them with this and have been using the Numicon too. When working with the Teacher the children have been recognising and ordering numbers then using stamps to count out the correct amount.

Challenges this week have included practising how to write the sounds we have learnt, sewing, ordering story pictures and using the Numicon to find amounts and write the number.

Alongside this the children have had their first ICT and PE lesson. They have also been exploring the chalks, using their sense of touch by exploring freely boxes, playing with the cars, building with Popiods and Sticklebricks, exploring the water, playing with the dolls house and much more.


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