The 3 Little Pigs

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This week the children have been reading the story The 3 Little Pigs and then have been working in groups to act out the story in the immersive room- we have had some great huffing and puffing!

The children have also started Phonics this week, learning the sounds, i, l, t. We have been reading and writing the sounds in different ways and looking at objects that begin with these letter sounds.

In Maths the children have been developing their knowledge of number by watching the different number stories on Numberblocks. They have then been developing this knowledge further by using the Numicon to recognise and count different amounts.

Challenges this week have included continuing colour patterns, ordering the Pigs story, weaving and playing Autumn I-Spy. Alongside this the children have been busy using their senses to explore fruit and scented candles, playing simple games, using the Ringo links, drawing pictures, building models using the mobilo, using the small world farm, creating with the plasticine and much, much more.


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