Another brilliantly busy week…

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Part whole models have taken over this week! The children have become experts at separating numbers. We have used the part whole model to start to think about addition and how different numbers can be made.

In English this week the children have started to read and listen to Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We have used our role play areas outside to mix porridge for the Bears, been on an alphabet bear hunt around the school, listened to the story on Ipads and had a lovely time bringing in teddies to re-tell the story to each other.

In PSHE, we have thought carefully about what makes our classroom a happy place and designed our perfect classroom. The children had some fantastic ideas which we will be suggesting to Mr Thomas soon – although I think the idea of a slide into a swimming pool may be a little too much!

In our history lessons, we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. The children listened to the Now Press Play story which transported them into the action, they pretended to see the fire, put the fire out and even got to meet King Charles II!

We had some super submissions in for the Design a Mural work. The children have worked really hard on these and it’s lovely to see them remembering and understanding our core values.

On Friday we got to try out the new adventure trail. It was so much fun! The children took turns and encouraged each other beautifully. Mrs Wood had one go and was so tired afterwards



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