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Amazing descriptive writing!

Year 5 BlogComments Off on Amazing descriptive writing!

In Year 5, we have spent the week researching mythical beasts to give us inspiration to create our own! After using watercolours to paint...   Read More

Grand Designs

Year 1 BlogComments Off on Grand Designs

This week we have been busy designing our own houses for the Three Little Pigs. We used straws, lolly-sticks and lots of masking tape!...   Read More

A busy week

Reception BlogComments Off on A busy week

This week the children have been really busy thinking about who is in their family and talking about how they feel at school and...   Read More

Performance time!

Year 3 BlogComments Off on Performance time!

The children have started to learn the songs for the upcoming Year 3 performance with Mrs Horsley. They have all come home with the...   Read More

A ‘rocking’ time in Year 3

Year 3 BlogComments Off on A ‘rocking’ time in Year 3

Year 3 are working hard to learn our ‘rock’ song to perform as part of our Year 3 performance! 1+

The Big Build

Year 1 BlogComments Off on The Big Build

Today in Year 1 the children received a video message from Pippa the pig. She asked them to build her a house which will...   Read More

Year 2 Samba Bands

UncategorisedYear 2 BlogComments Off on Year 2 Samba Bands

The children had a lot of fun outside this week forming their own Samba bands. They used the syllables from The character’s names in...   Read More

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