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The great debate!

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Year 3 Strings

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1+ This week the Year 3 children have had an exiting first lesson of learning the violin or cello. The children were introduced to...   Read More

A super second week!

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3+ This week the children have all been in together and have rekindled previous friendships as well as made new ones. They are all...   Read More


Year 2 BlogComments Off on ARGHHHH!!!

2+ We all loved ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ day yesterday! We had to ‘arrggh’ every hour and even answered the register with our...   Read More

Clever Tricks!

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0 We have read the Enormous Crocodile and found out the crocodile’s clever plans and tricks. In our groups, we have used drama to...   Read More

Living Things

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2+ In Science, we have been finding out how we can tell if things are alive and looking at the different life processes. Together...   Read More

Headteacher Newsletter No. 340

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