Year 5/6 NTSSF Cricket Winners

Yesterday, children from Years 5 and 6 went to the cricket finals where they had qualified previously from another tournament. The children showed some great batting, fielding and support within their team and they found themselves in the final – winning all four of their four previous matches!

It was an inspiring final and Woodland View found themselves scoring 267 from six overs! Surely this was a winning score!? The opposition’s batting team were brilliant and they certainly put up an amazing fight, scoring 262 with only two final balls remaining in the very last over. The penultimate ball comes in and the batter superbly scored a four meaning that the opposition only needed to score just one run from the final ball!

Opposition batters, teachers, parents and fielders all watched tensely as the final ball was bowled superbly by our bowler to go past the batter and safely into the hands of our wicket keeper! Woodland View were victorious by just one run with the opposition finishing on 266! An amazing display of sportsmanship, determination, cooperation and courage was certainly shown by all of our budding cricketers yesterday and we couldn’t be prouder of your amazing success!

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