An icy week!

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The children have cooled off this despite the weather as we have been learning all about the Polar regions. We started off the week with a visit from a Penguin who wanted to stay with us for the week and a postcard from his friends in Antarctica. The children then wrote postcards back to the Penguins to tell them what their friend was getting up to. In maths the children were ordering penguins according to their length and height comparing them and measuring them.

Alongside this they have been drawing pictures and writing about the Polar regions, sorting animals from hot and cold countries, making patterns, writing about a part of the ‘Lost and Fond’ story and following instructions to draw a penguin, exploring ice, telling stories with the Polar animals and much more.

We have also practiced our Graduation, showing our Year 6 buddies, they also gave us a sneak peak of a couple of their songs and dances ready for their leavers assembly. A great treat for us teachers from our youngest and oldest pupils!

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