All things Grange Park

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The children looked at what it is like in Grange Park. They wrote about their journey to school and drew pictures of their houses. We also went on a walk around Grange Park to see what types of buildings could be seen. We saw shops, detached houses, terraced houses, the school, the church, the doctors and flats to name but a few. The children also wrote about what they would like to see in Grange Park to make it better – water parks and swimming pools were a popular request! We had photos of various locations around Grange Park which the children spoke about to their friends, recalling times when they had been there and the things that they had done.

Alongside this the children have been checking out the strawberries that have been growing and picking the ripe ones to eat for snack, they have also practised their doubling, built houses using junk modelling materials, told stories using the car garage, wrote about a fascinating set of keys that ended up in Mr Thomas’ curiosity cube and much more.

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