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Carnival week

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0 This week the children have travelled to Brazil. They have learnt about the Amazon Rainforest, the Carnivals and much more. In Literacy they...   Read More


Year 4 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Carnival!

0 This morning, the children in Year 4 had the opportunity to participate in a dance workshop themed around Brazilian carnival. After a quick...   Read More

Foundation Stage Graduation Evening

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4+ Ticket Request Form Dear Parents Your child is approaching the end of their first year in school and in September they will move...   Read More

District Champions!

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0 This afternoon, a team of Year 4 children represented the school at a district hockey tournament at Moulton School. The event saw the...   Read More

Marvellous Miniature Gardens!

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0 Wow- what a superb day we have had today! Year 4 have had a fantastic day making their miniature gardens. They thought carefully...   Read More

Observational Drawing

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0 Last Friday, Year 4 visited the pond area with their sketchbooks. The children focused on a small area and sketched their chosen area...   Read More

Year 3/4 Tennis Triumph

0 Yesterday, four children from Year 4 caused quite the RACHET when they went to Roade Tennis Club where they competed in a tennis...   Read More

Bradgate park

2+ We stopped for lunch at Bradgate Park! All enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine! We even had an ice cream! Now back on...   Read More

All packed and ready to go!

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4+ We are all feeling a little tired this morning but we are all packed and having our breakfast before starting the journey home....   Read More

York Minster

7+ This afternoon we visited the Minster where the children were fascinated by the history surrounding it. We were taken around by two fantastic...   Read More

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