A Whale of a week!

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This week the children have been learning all about animals that live under the sea. We stared off by going for a scuba dive in the immersive room where we saw many beautiful sea creatures. The children then wrote about what they had seen. In maths they have been using the Numicon to help them with subtraction.

Challenges this week have included and under the sea spot the difference; find, count and colour sea creatures, drawing and writing about something that lives under the sea, making their own jelly fish and sorting 3d shapes.

Alongside this the children have been doing some observational drawings of flowers; building various things using various types of construction; telling stories using the small world sea creatures; writing about Mr Thomas’ curious shells; discussing the similarities and difference between different animal habitats and we also had a very special visit from Miss Williams’ baby rabbit called Albus who spent the afternoon with us and on Thursday-the children were very excited and made him lots of lovely cards and pictures.

The children also watched a short film about how plastic and rubbish is affecting the animals that live in and around the sea. The children were very concerned by what they saw and came up with some great ideas about how we could help. So today the children have been doing their own recycling, we also spoke about how we can reuse different things at school and home and when we come back after the holiday we will be setting up own own recycling plant outside where we can reuse and recycle some of the things that we use in school.

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