Pets and planting!

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This week the children have been learning all about pets. We started off by looking at pet information leaflets and learning about what different pets needs in order to keep them healthy and safe. The children then wrote their own pet information leaflet. In maths we visited ‘The Great Pet Sale’ shop where the children used money to buy two pets, adding up how much they cost by putting the largest amount in their head and counting on to find the total.

Challenges this week have included the being money detectives, searching out the same coins and colouring them a specific colour. They have also been reading words and drawing a picture of what it says; completing a pictogram by asking other class members what pets they have; sharing their Easter diaries with friends and writing or drawing what a pet needs.

Inside and outside the classroom the children have been busy planting seeds, buying pets from the pet shop, making different animals with the K-Nex, telling stories with the dolls house, visiting the Garden Centre, making collage pictures of animals and much more.

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