Happy Easter

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This week the children recieved a letter from George, the Smartest Giant in Town, asking for the childrens help. They all wrote letters back to George telling him their ideas for how he could help build a den for a hen. In Maths the children looked at time by talking about different parts of the day, sequencing pictures of activities carried out at different parts of the day and learning to tell the time using a clock.

The children have also been practising their measuring; making crowns; drawing and writing about the beginning, middle and end of the Smartest Giant in Town Story; writing rhyming words; building models using the nuts and bolts construction; experimenting with floating and sinking; meeting up with their Year 6 buddies to sing them the songs that they have learnt this term and share stories written by their buddies and much more.

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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