Co-operation Value Awards

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Today our Value Awards Winners walked down the red carpet to receive a certificate for Co-operation. This essential value is at the heart of our approach to school life here at Woodland View. As a school community, we are a team and a family, and we need all children and adults to co-operate brilliantly so that we can all be the best we can be! Also, to allow everyone to flourish in a positive, encouraging environment.

We asked each teacher to select two children from their class who have consistently shown that they are positive role models for the value of co-operation. It was wonderful to hear the teachers explain why each child had been nominated for this value. It was clear how proud their teachers were.

Many of the children had been selected for their ability to: take turns thoughtfully; to bring out the best in those around them; to lead a team as well as knowing when to take a step back; appreciating and valuing other children’s contributions; their willingness to put other children’s needs before their own …and, of course, their positive approach to school life.

Congratulations to all our Co-operation Value Awards Winners!


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