Woodland View Triumph


Today, children from Years 5 and 6 were welcomed with £1000 worth of PE equipment following their amazing success in the Cobblers World Cup.

Earlier in the year, the school played (and won) four matches against very tough opposition. This meant that we were crowned the tournament champions and part of the prize was £1000 worth of PE equipment, a signed Northampton Town football shirt, a visit from a Northampton Town football player and a huge trophy which all arrived today!

A huge thank you goes to Northampton Town Football club for putting on such a brilliant tournament and we are sure that the children’s experiences will last a life time!

Congratulations to the school football team whose amazing success and teamwork has provided lots of sports equipment for us to enjoy at break times, lunch times and PE lessons.

More information regarding the tournament can be found on the Northampton Town website:

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